Sometime in the 70's during a gig at the Salamanca Place venue I remember describing humanity as a huge dinosaur accelerating down a long slope and because of it's momentum, no longer able to slow down. Realizing it had a serious problem with a cliff looming at the end of the slope, it decided to get its long neck and head between its running legs and insert it into it's rectum in order to see if it could solve its internal problem.

A much better idea would have been to look ahead and begin adjusting course sideways across the slope. 

Keeping with this coarse analogy, 46 years later, it now needs to move sideways fast.

OK lets face it. Going sideways fast now is virtually impossible. The creature has enormous momentum and varying a degree or two will have no effect.

I don't believe the oncoming cliff is one where the world evaporates in a cloud of radioactive dust. It's one where the mass of humanity become the slaves of the elite. For instance, if we concede to a vaccine passport, which appears to be the prime objective of the US and other governments around the world, then every individual's movements will be tracked by the owner of the database. Just think about that for a moment. The passport will be linked to your credit cards and will be the primary ID for everyone. Businesses will be the enforcers. They will demand that only those with the passport will have access to the premises, shop, hotel, flight or taxi. So the non-conformist will be frozen out. 

The problem is - who's out there who cares?

Over the past 30 years I've watched peoples' various rights and freedoms become incrementally eroded. Never with a big enough move to attract attention but just small moves. New generations grow up accepting the rules of the society they have been born into as quite normal. Of course! Old people are an anathema because they know too much so the system tends to discard them fairly promptly after retirement age. These are the people who should be guides for the young, and in fortunate families they still are. But the swathe of political and social dystopia that is moving in has no space for such indulgences. There's a sort of post-post modernism in play. 

Aldous Huxley, author of 'Brave New World', was warning about this kind of future in the '50s.  . His book decribed a dystopian future which, unlike Orwell's '1984' saw a society that was given all the basic comforts of life and who, as a result, became compliant, participating and conforming economic units. Individual freedom did not exist as a concept until the protagonist appeared around whom the story unfolds.

President Eisenhower in his departing speech in 1961 warned of the dangers of the growing military industrial complex.   
60 years later, the military industrial complex has become a monolithic military, banking and pharmaceutical complex. The owners of the organisations that make up this triad, run the world. So called political leaders have no influence on the intentions of this group. They perform a day to day dance for their constituents, enacting legislation that doesn't conflict with the interests of this over-riding mafia. Various countries' poplulations are given a sense that someone is governing the day to day, but in terms of looking after the real needs of the people, that fell off the tracks in the early 90s. The people are fed a relentless stream of propaganda and fear, the essental tools of social control, and without knowing what's going on, they run unknowingly, like many of the Germans population prior to the 2nd world war, voluntarily into the holding pens.

So speaking as an Australian, there has been a growing absence of any competent leadership over the past decade or more, and it's my observation that there's little difference in most other western countries. The game of political left versus right has become a distraction in the name of maintaining a farce of democracy while slowly, imperceptibly for most, the system is gradually morphing into a totalitarian state.

So what can the people do in the event that the above description of the world we live in is even close to being right?  Waking up would help!

So while locked up in the Sunrise motel in Devonport Tasmania, I thought I'd try to get this song-video thing happening. The first shot at it is this one - 'Absolutely Free'.